Before joining...

Please note that any new member must be at least 18 years of age. However, an existing member of Fools and Heroes can sponsor a junior member at 16. The person sponsoring must be a Fools and Heroes member of at least one year.


What is Fools and Heroes? 

Fools and Heroes is a Live Action Role-play system based in the UK. 

What is Live Action Role-play? 

Live Action Role-play (or LARP) is similar to other role-play games, but you do it in real life! Instead of rolling a dice to find out if you've hit the goblin, you simply have to hit the goblin with a foam weapon! You also get to role-play as your very own character. While Fools and Heroes has themes inspired by The Lord of the Rings, other LARP systems may use other themes such as post-apocalyptic, or even western.

What can I play as?

There are a lot of classes to play as - as well as multiple races - so don't be put off by the concept of heavy metal and shining swords. There's a class to suit everyone's interests: mage, physician, alchemist, knight, sneaky scout and more!

I saw Role Models and thought it looked ridiculous, is this what LARP is really like? 

It may well look ridiculous to someone watching from a distance - but that's part of the fun! The purpose of Live Action Role-play is to help players escape from the stress of the real world; your suspension of belief kicks in and you become fully immersed in the game, much like the way  video games do at home. On the other hand, we as a system are not strict on staying 'in character' for the duration of the entire day, if you want to break character for a short time and have chat with us in-between encounters, feel free!

I can't sword fight - is my character going to die on day one? 

Of course not! Not only will you be accompanied by other adventurers, each class is built for a specific purpose. They can equally benefit missions without fighting on the front line, such as healing or tracking. Over time you may even get used to using weapons and feel like fighting up close and personal!

How much does it cost? 

Your first two games are free. This is because LARP is something you need to try before finding out whether you want to do it long-term. If you're happy to become a member after your first two games, it's just £20.00 per year. 

Why is it so cheap? 

This is because we 'monster' as well as play. Some LARP systems will have a dedicated team of people to fight as the monsters and NPCs in order to progress the mission. However, at Fools and Heroes players turn up in the morning and are split into two teams, depending on which of the two missions you want to be hired on. If you're not playing your mission, you are 'monstering' the other one. Your ref will brief you on what monsters and NPCs you will be playing to help progress the story for the other team. After a lunch break, the second mission starts! Some people actually prefer playing as the monsters.

So, when can I join? 

We run every first Sunday and third Saturday of each month, and meet-up around 10:00 am in Mousehold Heath car park. This is located opposite to the pitch & putt (see Find Us for map details) and the post code is NR3 4RX. We recommend you request to join the Facebook group first, though.

What should I bring? 

You won't be expected to bring a lot of kit to your first session. This is because all new players begin at rank one, so you won't have much equipment to begin with. The main idea is to help you get to grips with the game first, and getting your questions answered. In terms of what to wear, avoid t-shirts with graphics or jeans. Remember this is a medieval-fantasy based LARP. Instead, wear plain clothing that you don't mind getting dirty - your character's look will soon evolve the more your play! Make sure you wear comfy walking boots because you will be on your feet for the day.

Bring water and a packed lunch. We break after the first adventure at roughly 13:00, so make sure you have something to eat before the second mission begins. Ensure you look after yourself particularly in the summer, as we adventurers get very hot during a battle. If you need to stop and rest for any reason - tell someone! Health and safety is our main concern.

For weapons, most players are happy to lend you equipment for your first adventures. This depends on what you want to use with your chosen class. If you want to bring your own weapons a ref will check them before deeming it safe enough to use. We do not use 'duct-taped pool noodle' weapons - look through our Gallery to get an idea of what we use. 

Make sure you come along with a concept of your character already in mind. This makes it easy for you and our Refs to get you kitted-up before the first mission. You will also receive a safety brief by one of our Refs before adventuring. 

As mentioned before,  join our Facebook group and have a read through our player guide before coming to your first event. Ask as many questions as you can and talk about what character you have in mind. We're all very happy to help and look forward to seeing you!