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Welcome to Fools and Heroes LARP:   Norwich Branch

Fools and Heroes is a national Live Action Role-play (or LARP) association. This website is dedicated to the Fools and Heroes Norwich branch - one of many branches located across the country.

LARP brings role-play and high fantasy together in a live action, storytelling adventure!

If you are thinking of coming to one of our events, click the links below to learn more about our group and what we do. From this website, you can also read our FAQ, view our gallery of photos and find out where our events are held.

Our typical running dates are every 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday of each month. However, this can sometimes change. For the most up-to-date information, join our Facebook group to view our event pages.

Introduce yourself as a new member, ask about our events and get to know your fellow adventurers. You can also see more of our photos to learn more about our costumes. 

Our Wiki Page contains our characters' back stories written by the players. You can also learn about the nobles of Norvic, towns names and various monsters found in the local area.


This official player guide contains all the information regarding character creation and how to play safely. You will receive a full briefing on your first adventure, but it's good to read the guide beforehand to gain an introduction to the game.  

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