Fools and Heroes LARP Association:   NORWICH BRANCH


As well as our FAQ, please refer to our Covid Risk Assessment Document before coming to our events. The risk assessment contains important information regarding changes to the gameplay to maintain the safety and comfortability of our players. This will also be addressed during your player brief. 


Fools and Heroes is a national Live Action Role-play (or LARP) association. This website is dedicated to the Fools and Heroes Norwich branch - one of many branches located across the country!

LARP brings role-play and high fantasy in a live-action, story-telling adventure! Work together with your party to save the people of Ithron as your own, unique character. You may find yourself battling through hoards of undead, rescuing townsfolk from terrible monsters or working as a team to overcome deadly traps - all in the name of The Seven!

Read our character's back-stories, learn about the nobles of Norvic and our character-written bestiery!

Introduce yourself as a new member, ask about our events and get to know your fellow adventurers!

Click here to read our official Fools and Heroes Player Guide. This booklet contains all the information regarding in-game rules, character creation and how to play safely! You will receive a full player briefing on your first adventure, but reading the rulebook beforehand is a great introduction to the world.