Fools and Heroes LARP Association:   NORWICH BRANCH

Fools and Heroes is a national Live Action Role-play (or LARP) association. With branches across the UK, this website is dedicated to the Fools and Heroes Norwich branch.

Just like the role-play games you may play with friends, LARP takes the game play to another level where members design and dress-up as their characters in order to complete missions as a team. Inspired by similar themes from The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, Fools and Heroes aims to bring the high-fantasy world of Ithron to real life; you may well find yourself in a battle against orcs, or fighting back a hoard of zombies to protect the people of the land.



Read our character back-stories, learn about the nobles of Norvic and our character-written bestiery!

Introduce yourself as a new member, ask about our events and get to know your fellow adventurers!

Click here to read up on our official Fools and Heroes Player Guide. This booklet contains all the information regarding in-game rules, character creation and how to play safely!